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Achilles Corporation industrial materials division

Achilles Industrial Materials Sales Division deals various products ranging from antistatic products, large-size RIM forming products to jigs for masking painting/evaporation coating, etc. Aiming at serving customers’ needs for troubleshooting their problems and creating better products, we provide customers of various fields including IT, medical and automotive industries with best suited products in well-timed manner.

Amid progression of industrial globalization, we have expanded our production and sales bases into the USA, China, Taiwan and Thailand to establish a strategically thought-out organization that can deliver our products and services to our customers throughout the world. It is the ultimate goal of our Industrial Materials Sales Division to solve whatever problems our customers have, to contribute to customers in whatever way, and to live together with customers in any place in the world.

Yoshinobu Tanaka
Division Manager,
Industrial Materials Sales Division
Antistatic Materials

Electrostatic materials

We would like to support development of high-tech and environment-friendly products by providing antistatic materials

In sync with development of advanced products such as smart phones, LED lighting, cloud, electric vehicles, medical products, etc., a need for antistatic materials is ever-increasing. Among them, our “ST Poly,” featuring transparent, conductive, clean and low outgas, greatly contributes to improvement of yield in production processes of semiconductors and hard discs. In addition to the antistatic materials, we have developed a silicone wafer transfer system featuring excellent shock absorbing performance, an environment-friendly reuse system, and thermal conductive sheets. Accommodating ourselves to various needs not only for selecting optimum materials but also for designing parts, manufacturing metal molds, injection molding, and clean washing, we can propose and produce various products suitable for various purposes.

Contact: TEL +81-3-5379-4584 FAX +81-3-3225-9688

RIM molded components

RIM molding technology, contributing to diversified fields ranging from consumer goods to industrial applications.

Drastically cutting high cost for metal molding, which was a bottleneck of large plastic molding, and flexibly responding to a small lot requirement, RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) molded components are drawing the attention as appropriate products for the era in which people-friendly design are desired in various scenes. At Achilles, we are taking advantage of our unique material, molding, processing technique and flexibility in assembly in order to realize a variety of usage and the needs. We also work on environment-friendly production, paying attention to the environment of the planet earth. Furthermore, we offer masking jigs for painting and vacuum evaporation that are taking advantage of the processing technique we have mastered in electroforming.

Head office: 22 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 81-3-5379-4533, Fax: 81-3-3359-5314

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