Conductive Coating Products

Conductive Coating Products ST-INJ

ST-10 ST-Poly Conductive Injection Tray

ST-Poly processing has become available for molded goods other than rolls such as sheet and film.
ST-Poly has become much familiar to you.

Part NumberST-10
Use ApplicationPacking Tray for Electronic Parts
FeatuerSqueaky clean due to low contamination, low outgas and low ionic elution.
It is suitable for clean-room use and low load for the cleaning bath.
Surface Resistivity1×104~1×106Ω/□
(* It is an example and it varies by base material and its shape.)
Standard With pellets selected for each application, products are formed and then ST poly coated (tailor-made products)

ST-12 ST Tube

Part NumberST-12
Use ApplicationCarrying and Packing of Semiconductor
FeatureST-Poly is used on its surface to provide good antistatic property to avoid static breakage of semiconductor components. Good content recognition with its good transparency. It contains no antistatic agent and therefore no bleed contamination can occur.
Surface Resistivity1×104~1×106Ω/□
(* It is the reference value and subject to change according to base material and shape.)
StandardST-Poly coated based on the required specification. (* Tailor-Made Products)


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